Albuquerque Goinha


Albuquerque Goinha

E M B A I X A D A | PT-Lissabon



  • 1977 born in PT-Beja
  • 2003 participant in the workshop “Rehabilitation and build heritage maintenance”, PT-Lisbon
  • 2002 founding partner of  “EMBAIXADA –ARQUITECTURA LDA”
  • 2001 participant in the workshop “Resetling hoogliev”, Netherlans Berlague Institue Rotterdam, NL-Rotterdam
  • 2001 “Archiprix International 2001” University award, NL-Rotterdam
  • 2000 Portuguese Architects guild member (Nr º 10145 South Regional Section)
  • 1995-2000 studies at the department of architecture at Lusiada University of Lisbon

E M B A I X A D A was established in 2001 with the aim to produce works capable of answering to the exquisite requisites of contemporary life by innovative ways. As an office it refuses to be limited to one type of specialization, constantly searching for new and different challenges. The work developed encloses areas such as Urbanism, Architecture and Design.

E M B A I X A D A is currently constituted by seven associates graduated in Architecture and counts on the regular contribution of several specialists, in the most diverse areas, in order to extend its expertise and know-how. The team presents a diversified and dynamic hierarchy structure, holding debate, generating a strong creative potential and an ample capacity of adaptation to the most diverse types of project.

E M B A I X A D A is obviously influenced by other entities of cultural production, but never allows itself to be limited and holds the ambition to develop processes which refused the generalist results. It main goal is clearly to surpass the routine solutions which ruled the market. Each work is always developed as a prototype, taking into account the identity of each customer and the programmatic conditions of each project. Indissociable of the creative intention of the company is obviously the name chosen to represent it as well as the present portfolio, the physical expression of a collective entity, of people and ideas, in search of excellence.